Manfred L. KOUTEK was born 29th March 1951 in Linz as the son of a well known architect.




From early childhood he was headstrong, imaginative and creative – visited various schools in Linz (grammar school), music education (piano, vocals), then because of family traditions was initially educated as a constructional engineer (HTL – higher technical school).


1971 he got-together for six months with the painter and drawer, Ragimund Reimesch (+1980) who was 67 at the time and received intensive private tuition to guide and develop his artistic profession. Continuous education through intensive studies of various art books and many international museums and galleries. Classes in ceramics and portrait drawing. 1974 – 1985 on and off as a guest student at the art college under Prof. Alfred Billy (graphic printing) and Prof. Dietmar Brehm (nude drawing).


 Since 1974 international exhibition activities in professional galleries, museums and cultural institutions and working since 1978 exclusively as an independent artist  – recognition from the Austrian Federal Ministry. Represented twice in “Who is Who in the Arts”. Many publications about Koutek have appeared in the press, literary works, and also on the radio and television. As a result, making him known to a wider audience in Austria and abroad.


Koutek is and was a member of various art and cultural associations, and in part as president and vice president. 1982 Koutek founded his studio and gallery Hofberg 10 in the centre of the historical part of the city of Linz. This building was first documentarily mentioned in 1390. Permanent exhibition activities of different art movements, made this address a gathering point for many artists, people interested in art and collectors of modern art (until 2007),   


Initially, Koutek’s artistic work developed from the fantastical – visionary and surreal imagery into an individual form of informal painting and naturalistic depiction. His art is thus bipolar, he names his own art form “abstract surrealism and “romantic naturalism”. All of Koutek’s work has a certain dynamic flow and brilliancy of colour in a style that is inimitable.




Since 1974 Koutek has had over 270 solo and joint exhibitions, naturally including Linz, as well as Vienna, Graz, Salzburg, Darmstadt, Frankfurt, Heidelberg, Middle Franconia (Mittelfranken), Munich, Kassel, Berlin, Ravenna, Milan, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Paris, New York, Cleveland/Ohio, Canada and Thailand.








Many of Manfred L. Koutek’s works are in various public and private collections represented on all continents of the world.




Manfred L. Koutek   



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